Christian Ophus

America's Author Advocate

Cutting-edge training and experience for the emerging author.

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Christian Ophus

President & CEO of Emerge Publishing

Signature Media & AuthorPro Coaching Systems

Christian Ophus is the creative driving force behind AuthorPro, an author & speaker development consulting company.  Christian is known nationally as America’s Author Advocate for his work in providing cutting-edge training & experience to hundreds of professional authors around the world. 

In addition to consulting, Christian Ophus is president & CEO of Emerge Publishing, which provides authors with the most comprehensive range of publishing services and options featuring award-winning creative design… all tailored to the author’s specific needs, and at the most competitive rates found in the industry today.  

With over 30 years’ experience in marketing & branding, graphic design, and strategic development, Christian’s focus is developing revenue-generating programs & information products for professional authors, speakers and trainers.